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Salad Days Are Ahead


We’ve christened May as ‘Salad Month’ at Mariposa Market to celebrate the fabulously fresh taste of spring. There’s Sunshine Spinach topped with fresh strawberries and juicy blackberries. Or perhaps our Spa Salad with fresh slices of apple, dried cranberries and sprouts. There are even two super healthy detox salads on the menu, bringing the nutritional goodness of kale, avocados and broccoli to your lunch plate with a totally delicious spin. Pair your salad up with a vegetarian Tomato Feta Quiche or one of Nicole’s Incredible wraps for smart n’ tasty eating. We’ll see you for lunch!

Mother’s Day

Mothers Day Article

Where would we all be without our wonderful moms to bandage those knees, offer a shoulder to cry on and make each day a little brighter and kinder? Sunday May 11th is Mother’s Day and our shops are full of special treasures for mom. In the Scent Shop there’s lovely soaps and lotions, snuggly nightwear and nice little pieces of jewelry to make mom feel special. Over in Seasons there are cards, candles and all sorts of gadgets for mom’s kitchen. And don’t forget to pick up a beautiful Mother’s Day Cake or some pretty cupcakes from the bakery, a present you’ll be happy to share with mom over a pot of tea!