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The Tastes of the Canadian Fall

Creamy pumpkin pies…apple cranberry loaves dusted with cinnamon and brown sugar…pumpkin spice gingersnaps…we invite you to celebrate the tastes of the Canadian harvest. Tuck into a roast turkey & cranberry wrap and a steamy bowl of cheesy cauliflower soup in our cafe. And don’t forget the Market is open all Thanksgiving weekend long including Thanksgiving Sunday and the holiday Monday from 8 am till 5:30 pm so why not bring the whole family down for a chat over a warm buttered Cranberry Pumpkin Pecan Muffin and an autumn spiced latte?

Make the Market Your Morning Coffee Stop

Tired of idling the morning away in the drive-thru? Why not spare the air this morning and stop into the Market for coffee instead? June’s got 8 fabulous types of muffins that just came out of our oven and Carrie will get you fixed up quick with your favourite morning blend of coffee or a Pumpkin Spice Latte for the road. The Market opens at 7 am and the parking is free before 9 so why not just scoot on up to our back door for a quick dash in and out and treat yourself and the gang at the office to our fabulous old-fashioned homemade baking?

We Love to Cook!

At the Market, we love food just as much as you do so we’re always experimenting and testing out cool new recipes. That’s why there’s a new culinary creation each week in our Back Porch Café.  From Perogy casseroles smothered with bacon and cheddar, to the Flying Pig Grilled Cheese Sandwich stuffed with pulled pork and mac ‘n cheese our Back Porch is the go-to place for those looking for something fresh and different. Hot corned beef sandwiches on store made rye, beef dips topped with homemade gravy…we’ll see you at lunchtime!

Going Wheat Free? Vegan? Dairy Free?

You’ll be surprised how many of our ‘everyday’ bakery and café items are vegan or dairy-free. To make it a little easier to navigate you’ll find 3 mini brochures at our counters that list all our ‘signature’ vegan, dairy free and wheat free items that can be grabbed right off the shelf. You’ll also find lists of all the cakes, pies and cookies that can be special ordered ahead of time including vegan, dairy-free and wheat-free dessert cakes. Need help ordering? Just give us a call or email us at info@mariposamarket.ca and we’re happy to lend a hand.