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We Are Temporarily Closed 

I am very sorry but the Mariposa Market is temporarily closed. Our priority and duty is to do whatever we can to protect our hard working staff, our wonderful communities and also assist our community in overcoming this crisis. This was a very difficult decision but are hoping to reopen in a few weeks when it is safe for everyone. We will post updates on our facebook page when the situation changes. In the meantime on behalf of the staff of the store we hope you stay safe and share many special moments with your loved ones over the days ahead.

It’s Maple Time

Nothing tastes more like Canada than maple syrup. We exclusively use local syrup tapped by the Beers family at the Maple Grove Farm out Severn way to create our signature maple-dipped sugar cookies, maple pecan tarts, cranberry maple cheesecakes & maple taffy pie. Join us when the sap starts running for a taste of the Canadian spring as we tap into maple and be sure to tote home some fresh local maple syrup.

Easter is Coming…

From Eric’s classic Hot Cross Buns positively plump with raisins and fruit to Jeff’s famous Paska, his spin on the iconic Ukrainian Easter Raisin Egg Bread, our bakers are creating Easter magic in our big oven. Bunny cupcakes…chocolate dipped sugar cookie chicks…the showcases will be bursting with decadent chocolate creations. We’re open all weekend too, including Good Friday and Easter Sunday from 8 am till 5:30.


Going Wheat Free?

Then you might want to check out our line up of wheat free baking creations. We do a terrific wheat free bread made with rice flour and crushed roasted lentils. And there’s a daily muffin and mini cake creation in our cafe along with cookies and energy bars all made without wheat flour. You can also order a wheat free birthday cake-just grab one of our handy wheat free baking brochures or check out our wheat free selection online.